Nominated “Health Industry Representative Brand 2019”


WONJIN Beauty Medical Group was nominated “Health Industry Representative Brand 2019” in the medical category by the Health Newspaper.


WONJIN has been honored by being nominated as the representative brand in the medical category with its in-house specialist doctors across all the departments for surgery, post-operative treatment and care. This was evidence that WONJIN’s top priority was the safety and satisfaction of patients which was highly valued during the nomination process.


The reason why the hospital was able to run for a long time was not only due to the skills of the doctors, but, also due to our clients who trust in us. J


We at WONJIN Beauty Medical Group will keep on striving to provide the best service possible to ensure trust and for customer satisfaction.


Thank you.





Exclusive 1:1 Service from Surgery – Treatment – Care


In-house specialist doctors across all departments

Prioritizes patient’s safety and satisfaction


For 21 years, WONJIN Beauty Medical Group (founder Dr. Wonjin Park) has provided a high level of service through systematic collaborations and cutting edge systems. This has allowed for the continuous growth of patient satisfaction and trust. WONJIN Beauty Medical Group is not only a plastic surgery clinic, but you can also find a dental clinic, dermatology, Medinent (semi-permanent makeup service), anti-aging and a weight control center formed through over 30 specialist doctors across each department, all from University Hospitals. Therefore, through the specialist doctors and medical staff who have plenty of experience in the field, 

they provide the level of skills found only at University Hospitals and an exclusive 1:1 custom ‘Total Beauty Service’.

Especially, through the years of clinical experience and knowhow possessed by the specialist doctors, a system from before the surgery to the healing process after the surgery is established according to the situation. They are also facilitated with a health checkup center for a smart system including an X-ray, chest X-ray and 3D-CT scan to enable an accurate surgery and for the comfort of individuals.

WONJIN also has a diverse range of systems to increase the satisfaction of customers. They provide services from injection therapy to modulate the individual’s condition and operate various different ‘Aftercare Programs’ to allow a both safe and fast recovery. Additionally, there are devices that use ultrasonic wave, infrared rays, high frequency waves, miracle jet and etc. to further examine the functional aspect after the surgery.

The different ‘Aftercare Programs’ include oxygen and injection therapy, vitamin therapy, skincare and etc. to allow a faster recovery to daily activities.

             Furthermore, customer satisfaction is prioritized through genuine communication to give a personalized service for the individual.

             Hence, for the contentment of customers, skilled specialists with a lot of experience provide assistance from the day of the surgery to post-operative care.

             Above all, WONJIN uses high quality anesthetic based on the examination data produced at its own health checkup center to ensure a safe surgery. Through the exclusive 1:1 care service, the anesthesiologist met during the preparation for the surgery, doesn’t leave and checks on the patient’s state. Even after when they are taking care of the pain after the surgery, they take a round to check the patient’s state and do their utmost to guarantee the safety of patients.

             With over 20 years of experience, it is also remarkable that they have the most clinical operation cases. The achievement has been made possible through the collaborative system established by the specialist doctors from each department to create a safer and satisfying surgery. In addition, new devices are introduced to provide a high level of medical service as it experiences diversification, along with making an effort to follow the latest trends in the beauty industry.

This year, WONJIN Beauty Medical Group celebrates its 21st year since opening. The reason why the hospital was able to run for a long time was not only due to the skills of the doctors, but, also due to our clients who trust and visit them.

Dr. Wonjin Park, the representative doctor, stated “we will continue to provide the best service possible for the satisfaction and trust of our customers” and added “we will carry on researching without stopping to find ways to improve”.




“С помощью лучших навыков и эстетических технологий,
Клиника пластической хирургии Вонджин позаботится о
Вашем будущем.”