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Two Jaw Surgery

Postoperative Treatment Schedule for Two-Jaw Surgery

    1 day after the surgery

  • Hospitalization

    Wearing Hemovac (blood pocket)

    Due to swelling, scars, and blood pocket, consuming food is inconvenient; patient is recommended to eat thin rice gruel and/or drink juice.

    Continuous ice pack massage is required

  • 2 days after the surgery

  • Hospitalization

    Hemovac (blood pocket) removal: examine of surgical scars and teeth condition by oral surgeon

    Recommended to take light nutrition such as thin rice gruel, soup, and/or drink juice.

    Continuous ice pack massage is required

  • 3 days after the surgery

  • No orthodontic appliance required. Required to wear wafer

    Due to no fixation between jaws (maxilla), liquid diet is possible.

    Recommended to start wearing compressive band

    After being discharged, until stitch removal, frequent gargling of the mouth is required (ONLY gargling is allowed)

    When provided mouth-wash is used up, get general mouth wash such as LISTERINE® from pharmacy.

  • 4 days after the surgery

  • Swelling of the surgical area is maximized, and requires continuous massaging with ice Pack.

    Due to imbalanced taking of nutrition, physical exhaustion may Occur.

  • 5~7 days after the surgery

  • Alter to hot pack massage

    May stop wearing compressive band
    (recommended to put it on at home or while asleep for another week or two, even up to third week)

    Able to eat soup, yogurt or drink smoothies. To avoid physical exhaustion, taking vitamins and nourishment is required.

    To reduce swelling, light exercise and taking a walk is recommended.

    Getting a massage/face massage is prohibited for a month.

    Gently washing the face is possible, but be careful not to apply pressure while washing.

    Washing hair or taking a shower is possible.

    While washing hair, DO NOT put your head downwards. If possible, ask for help while washing.

  • After surgery for Minimal Recovery Time a Thorough After-Care Service
    • Miracle jet
      Improves Blood Circulation with Oxygen
    • High frequency
      Improves skin Regeneration
    • Infrared Light
      Eliminates waste matter from the system
  • 2 weeks after the surgery

  • May take soft food or food that is chopped into small pieces.

    Swelling will gradually subside; major swelling may disappear within a month.

    Brushing teeth is available: gently brush with kids’ toothbrush to avoid harming surgical area.

  • 4 weeks after the surgery

  • Screw removal of lower jaw.

    Fixated rubber-band removal.

    Possible to chew mild food.

  • 5 weeks after the surgery

  • Swimming or going to sauna is allowed, but special caution is required.

  • 6 weeks after the surgery

  • Upper jaw screw removal and wafer removal. Begin braces treatment.

    Drinking carbonated drinks (soda), coffee, alcohol, and smoking is allowed.

  • 2 months after the surgery

  • Able to eat apples, pears, and soft foods such as chicken breast.

    2~3 months after the Surgery, minor/mild swelling of facial muscles may disappear; may begin to see appearance of facial contour.

  • 3 months after the surgery

  • Able to chew/eat hard food such as meat and peanuts.

Two Jaw Care Unit

  • WONJIN’s differentiated Swelling Care System

    Regulating the bodily balance to the best condition aids in effective wound healing, inflammation reduction, increasing immunity, and swelling reduction.

    • Superior swelling reduction medicine administration Aids in removal of cells that hinder swelling recovery therefore speeding up the recovery process.
    • Nutrition shot injectionNatural fruit extract is injected to aid swelling care.
    • Improve the immune system with Oxygen chamberA customized pure oxygen capsule aids in swelling recovery
      and scar prevention.
    • Quicker recovery with HealLite treatmentTherapy for pain, inflammation, and swelling reduction, while speeding up the recovery of damaged tissues.