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Two Jaw Surgery

Temporomandibular Joint Diagnosis

Pre-requisite dental check up of the Temporomandibular Joint
BEFORE 'Two Jaw' Surgery.

At WONJIN Dental Clinic, we examine the temporomandibular joint before surgery. It is a vital precautionary measure to prevent any temporomandibular problems after the surgery.

The temporomandibular joint provides the pivotal movement to allow a person to chew, speak, and open the mouth. It is vital that the surgery does not cause dysfunction of this joint, and thus thorough examinations are required prior to Two Jaw Surgery.

Before/After Two Jaw Surgery Temporomandibular Joint Management Program

  1. 01 Pre-surgical Assessment

    Pre-operative diagnosis of the temporomandibular joint is performed to check whether or not the patient is eligible for Two Jaw Surgery. 3D-CT Scanners and X-rays are taken to determine the position of the joint, nerves, and muscle structure.

    Pre Surgery exam image
  2. 02 Pre-surgery: Temporomandibular joint treatment

    The assessment of the joint can often detect defects of the joint. From this assessment, we can diagnose and determine whether Two Jaw Surgery can rectify the disorder. Our surgeons have wealthy experience and have world-class operating skills, thus even the most difficult cases can be resolved at Wonjin.

    Pre Surgery Temporomandibular joint treatment image
  3. 03 Post-surgery: Temporomandibular joint management

    Sometimes Two Jaw Surgery can cause problematic temporomandibular joint symptoms. Although it only happens in rare occasions, minor issues can be resolved with treatments that improve functionality. Furthermore, after Two Jaw Surgery, the jaw bite and placement may not have completely settled in place. This can cause pain and discomfort. Here at WONJIN Dental, we can take care of any discomforts after Two Jaw Surgery. Although uncomfortable, complications can arise after any major surgery and we will do our utmost to prevent these from happening. Our treatment system is fully equipped to take care of any and all temporomandibular joint problems in a quick and timely manner.

    After Two Jaw Surgery, temporomandibular joint management image

Jaw arthritis prevention/treatment after Two Jaw Surgery

  • X-RAY X-RAY image
  • Facial Pain Analysis Exam Facial Pain Analysis Exam image
  • WONJIN’s Jaw Arthritis PT Jaw Arthritis PT image
  • Diagnosis & Treatment
    • Protocol Educatio image Protocol Education
    • Medicinal Treatment image Medicinal Treatment
    • Fixed solution treatment US image Medicinal Treatment
    • Retainers image Retainers
    • Physical Therapy, LLLT(laser) image Physical Therapy, LLLT(laser)
    • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation TENS image  Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
       TENS (low frequency stimulating treatment)

Temporomandibular joint is part of Two Jaw Surgery but WONJIN Dental Hospital takes care of this.
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A dental correction specialist explains the condition of the teeth, face, diagnostic results, and treatment plan.

Orthodontic Braces / Periodical Treatments

Based on the treatment plan, the braces will be positioned in 2~3 treatment sessions. After the first session, the treatment interval should be 3~4 weeks apart.

Finish Corrective Orthodontics /Braces Removal/ Position Fixed Retainers

After finishing the session, the dental braces will be removed and the original state of the teeth will be compared to prevent distorting, and depending on the treatment plan, the retainers should be worn 3 months to 1 year.

WONJIN’s Fixed Retainers

Customized for every patient

  • Removable retainer
    Hawley type
    Wrap-around type
  • Fixed retainer
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