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Two Jaw Surgery

Two Jaw Surgery Information

Two Jaw Surgery

  • Duration: App. 4 hours
  • Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
  • Fasting: From 8 hours before the surgery
  • Stitch Removal: 2 weeks after
  • Hospitalization: 3 days
  • Recommended Staying Period in Korea: Min. 4 weeks
  • Mani & Pedicure: Must be removed
  • Compression Bandage: Recommended to wear all times for first 3 days, then put on only at home or while sleeping for another 1-2 weeks
What is Total Maxillofacial (Two Jaw) Surgery?
Usually someone with an advanced jaw line has protruded cheekbone as well. In this case, normal Square Jaw or Cheekbone Reduction Surgery alone is not enough to provide slimming effects. WONJIN’s total Maxillofacial or Two Jaw Surgery slims the face and creates a slender jaw line, and a youthful appearance.

The Effect of Two Jaw Surgery

Swelling Care System

'Swelling Care System' only exclusive at Wonjin

By controlling the balance of body condition and skin tissues, it is effective in wound healing, anti-infection, immunity, and reduce swelling.

    • Superior swelling reduction medicine administration Aids in removal of cells that hinder swelling recovery therefore speeding up the recovery process.
    • Nutrition shot injectionNatural fruit extract is injected to aid swelling care.
    • Improve the immune system with Oxygen chamberA customized pure oxygen capsule aids in swelling recovery and scar prevention.
    • Quicker recovery with HealLite treatmentTherapy for pain, inflammation, and swelling reduction, while speeding up the recovery of damaged tissues.

Korean Best Two Jaw Surgery Real Story Before and After