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Corrective Orthodontics After Surgery

Corrective Orthodontics Information

Corrective Orthodontics After Surgery

  • Duration: 30 min. ~ 1 hour
  • Clinic Visit: Once a month
  • Recovery Period: Non tooth extraction 8~10 months
                                With tooth extraction 15~18 months
What is Corrective Orthodontics?
After Two Jaw Surgery, Corrective Orthodontics are required to maintain the correct aesthetic and functional benefits of surgery. WONJIN orthodontics after surgery are absolutely required for safe healing and satisfactory results.

Relationship between Jaw Surgery and Corrective Orthodontics

  • Required process to minimize occlusion problems

    Two jaw and similar jaw surgeries move the jaw placement, therefore require healing for the corrected jaw. In this process, the upper and lower jaws as well as tooth bite must be secured through corrective orthodontics.

  • Corrective Orthodontics explanation

    If you have surgery before you get corrective orthodontics then you only need to get braces one time. However, if you previously had braces and then you get two jaw surgery, you will have to get corrective orthodontics again which equals 2 times total.

    ∗ Depending on the individual, duration times and conditions can vary.

    SSRO (Sagittal Split Ramus Osteotomy)

WONJIN’s Key Points

  • Individually Customized Corrective Orthodontics

    After thorough consultation and careful analysis of individual status and condition, the corrective orthodontic device is selected to give the best results.

    • 01
      2D Orthodontics
    • 02
    • 03
    • 04
      Invisible Correciton
  • 25 years of Corrective Orthodontic Experience

    With 25 years of corrective orthodontic experience and know-how,
    our specialist team of dentists and medical experts will give you satisfactory treatment.

  • Cooperative system between departments

    Oral and maxillofacial surgery, corrective orthodontics, and plastic surgery clinics work together to provide the best results

  • Quick and easy 2D Orthodontics

    2D Orthodontics Advantages
    2D Orthodontics use 2D brackets that are among the shortest and smallest available. Usually orthodontic treatment lasts 3~5 months and then you can have the smile and features you want.

    ∗ Note: Only after accurate diagnosis, the most successful result can occur

    • Reduced braces timeframe Incognito advantages
    • Quicker results
    • Non visible correction
    • Reasonable price
  • Personally customized orthodontics Incognito

    Incognito advantages
    Incognito is customized lingual braces with reduced friction. Aesthetically pleasant because braces are not noticeable and reduced discomfort because it is only 1/3 the size of regular braces.

    ∗ Note: Only after accurate diagnosis, the most successful result can occur

    • Speedy effects
    • Reasonable price
    • Non visible correction
    • Reduced braces timeframe