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Title2016 Awarded No.1 Brand of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction
Author WONJIN Data2016-09-13Views 3303
Hosted by Joongang Daily

2016 Awarded No.1 Brand of Excellence
in Customer Satisfaction

Wonjin Plastic Surgery has been awarded for ‘No. 1 Brand of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction’ by the host of the awards, Joongang Daily.

The primary focus of the awards ceremony included nominees for ‘Customer Service and Quality Assurance’ based on customer satisfaction, and Wonjin Plastic Surgery was nominated for the best clinical practice for facial contour surgeries.

The ever-growing number of patients who selected Wonjin Plastic Surgery as their preferential choice of hospital for facial contour surgery have endorsed the recognition of our efforts and skills.

We, at Wonjin Plastic Surgery, are all extremely grateful and appreciate the faith and trust our customers and patients have in us, and we will continually strive to provide the best quality medical care to each individual patients to improve upon customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, we will do our utmost to make further advancements in other various fields of cosmetic surgeries to assure our patients that they are in the safest hands at Wonjin Plastic Surgery.

Thank you very much.

“With the best skill and aesthetic technique, WONJIN Plastic Surgery Clinic will cheer you on your wonderful future”


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