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Dark circle

Surgery Information


  • This procedure uses various ingredients including natural extracts in order to alleviate dark circles under eyes by thinning blood vessels in the under eyes.

What is Dark Circle

Dark circle is under eye darkening symptom due to combined reasons. The cause of dark circle can be various including genetic reason, irregular life cycle, cleansing problem, and/or fatigue. It may make you look always tired and old, so treatment is recommended if you are stressed with it.

Types of Dark Circle

Types of Dark Circle

TYPE 01 Fat under eye

Alleviation of symptom by removing or repositioning under eye fat, or lower blepharoplasty.

This is dark circle made by under eye fat protrusion or sunken under eye. The shadow makes the dark circle more prominent and uneven. In this case, under eye fat correction surgery such as removal or repositioning may improve the symptom.

TYPE 02 Pigmentation

Whitening effect by a combination of pigment laser and whitening treatment.

Dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation is the result of excessive melanin production or dermatitis, which causes skin darkening. It is advisable to take treatment constantly that is right for you.

TYPE 03 Blood vessel

Alleviation of symptom by blood vessel tightening laser and Panda Injection

Dark circles can be caused by having visible blood vessels on the under eye skin. Blood vessel tightening laser or Panda injection are most commonly used to treat this kind of dark circles.

Treatment Injection

01 What is Panda Injection

Panda Injection is an effective treatment for dark circles caused by blood vessels. Various ingredients including natural extracts constrict extended blood vessels under eyes to alleviate darkening. This treatment will get you to achieve youthful appearance along with reduced fine lines.

02 Treatment Effect

  • 1. Fresh appearance even without make-up : No need for thick and heavy make-up with brightened under eye.
  • 2. Improvement on both dark circles and fine wrinkles : Various nutrients that induce cell regeneration and provide elasticity on skin alleviate depth of fine wrinkles around eyes, which lead to improvement on both dark circles and fine wrinkles around eyes.
  • 3. Minimized scar and swelling : Panda injection requires no recovery time with no bruising or swelling after the treatment. You can go back to everyday activity right away and see the prominent effect of anti-dark circle effect after 3-5 times of treatment.

03 Treatment Procedure

  • Consultation with dermatologistSTEP 01
    Consultation with dermatologist
  • Needle injectionSTEP 02
    Needle injection
  • Immediate return to everyday activity after the treatmentSTEP 03
    Immediate return to everyday activity after the treatment

04 Treatment Feature

Achieve fresh appearance by brightening under eye with no recovery time

  • 1. Full Amount of Genuine Injection Used
  • 2. Improvement of Skin Elasticity, Moisture, and Fine Wrinkle without a Surgery
  • 3. Other Treatments Can be Done Together for Maximum Result

Recommended Injection

White Pearl Injection

White Pearl Injection inhibits melanin production, which lead to appear brighter skin. This injection enables to accomplish natural skin whitening through own body. In addition, it can bring some other effects such as anti-aging, liver detoxification and boost immune system.

Baby Skin Injection

Baby Skin Injection injects growth factors into skin to promote quick skin tissue regeneration, fiber cell regeneration and collagen. This treatment is made of alpha-lipoic acid, which is anti-oxidant to prevent skin aging and induce body fat reduction.

PRP Injection : Plasma, PRP, Red Blood Cell

PRP Injection is an injection treatment using the concentrated platelets collected from patient’s own blood. The growth factors contained in the concentrated platelets help skin regeneration and development to brighten skin tone. It has almost no side effect since it uses autologous blood components and improve skin health fundamentally. It is especially effective in anti-skin aging, and improvement in acne scar, pigmentation, wrinkle, and elasticity.